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Barcode Gateway Implementation Requirements:

This is an overview of a standard implementation of the Barcode Gateway. Each project is somewhat different but the elements explained below remain the same for every installation.


  • Install Gulfstream’s Barcode Gateway software on a Microsoft Dynamics SL workstation.
  • Register the Barcode Gateway software (we will supply the unlocking key as soon as we receive the machine name of the system that the Barcode Gateway will be installed on so this can be done ahead of time if you wish).
  • Set up of Options according to end user requirements. Management should be involved in planning the options to be used on the Barcode Gateway.
  • Set up users in the Barcode Gateway software: Please note Users who will be allowed to log into Dynamic SL & start the Barcode Gateway must be registered to the software the first time that they open the Barcode
    Gateway. The unlocking key will be the same for each person.
  • We suggest pre-implementation planning by setting aside some time to sit down with your dealer and go over how you will want to use the software which would include what options will be used.

Access Points

  • Set up the Access Points/This must be done first, before the scanners are set up.
  • Electrician an/or IT staff will have to get power and network access/cabling installed to the ceiling where the Access Points will permanently reside. That should be done previous to the set up and permanent placement of the of the Access Points.
  • Using the instructions we provide, we recommend that the Access Points be assigned a unique static IP address within the network range. Once you know the TCP/IP address these are manageable devices that can even be rebooted once they are up in the ceiling. They are placed in the warehouse in the location that will provide the best coverage of the warehouse. This can be determined by a quick site survey using the
    scanner and access point, once the hardware is at your facility. We recommend that at least two Access Points be purchased. If one should have issues, the whole operation would not suffer.


  • Set up the hand held scanners:
  • This includes installing the software that comes with the scanners using the instructions we supply, configuring the software and down loading it to each gun.


  • Training:
  • Training depends on the level of expertise that your staff have. It would also depend on the number of functions and options that you plan to use. This need not be done all at once but can be done over a period of time. We recommend that dealers set up a test environment for the staff to train on until they are confident with the hardware and software and before they go live. They can then use a copy of the production database to duplicate the production environment while they train.

For more information, please contact your Microsoft Dynamics SL dealer or contact us at: or toll free @ 877-377-6604

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