Barcode Gateway for Dynamics SL

For Dynamics SL™

The Barcode Gateway is a ‘real time’ data collection software package seamlessly moving information from the warehouse floor into Dynamics SL. It has been developed for Dynamics SL using Microsoft’s VB Tools. The Barcode Gateway was designed to provide the efficient and reliable flow of information from the business environment into Dynamics SL’s modules. Data entry has never been so easy. Staff can be trained easily and efficiently. Knowing where your inventory is and how much of it you have is invaluable. Using the Barcode Gateway leverages your investment in Microsoft’s Dynamics SL making your software more powerful.

The Barcode Gateway Jams Interface

Gulfstream’s interface to JAAS System’s manufacturing software package, Jams software, has continued to grow over the last year. The Jams Interface gives the users of Jams software the same ability to do data capture remotely from the shop floor. The same efficiency and ease of use means you are leveraging the Jams software you have.

The Barcode Gateway’s Jams Interface allows data capture remotely from the shop floor for the following functions:

  • Jams Inquiries
  • Jams Labor
  • Jams Material (Issues & Returns)
  • Jams Material (Issues & Returns by Item)
  • Jams Moves
  • Jams Moves by Item

Inventory Functions

The Barcode Gateway integrates with DSL’s Inventory Module:

  • Inventory Adjustment and Inventory Count
  • Inventory Lookup, Issues and Returns
  • Inventory Receipt and Transfers
  • Kitting, Pallet Builder, Locate Serial Numbers

Purchasing Functions

The Barcode Gateway integrates with DSL’s Purchasing Module:

  • Enter a purchase order into DSL’s Purchasing module ‘on the fly’ from the Barcode Gateway.
  • Receive a shipment against the purchase order entered in DSL’s Purchase Order module.

Order Entry Functions

The Barcode Gateway integrates with DSL’s Order Entry Module:

  • Sales Order shipping – Pick an order based on the Shipper that has been generated in DSL’s Order Management. Confirm Picking & Receipt.

Work Order Functions

The Barcode Gateway integrates with DSL’s Work Order Module:

  • Material Issues/Material Transfers/Returns
  • Production Complete allows Work Orders to be completed from the Barcode Gateway

BOM Functions

The Barcode Gateway integrates with DSL’s Bill Of Materials Module:

  • Allows BOM Completions through the Barcode Gateway

Remote Order Entry

Gulfstream’s add on module, Remote Order Entry, integrates with DSL’s Order Management:

  • Take orders at a customer’s site & create an order in DSL’s Order Management/Sales Orders
  • Sell inventory from a company truck, create an invoice back at head office & provide the customer with a receipt.