Gulfstream Computer Services

Gulfstream Computer Services, maker of the Barcode Gateway software package, has been in business since 1984.  That same year the company became re-sellers of the Solomon product (now Dynamics SL).  Development on the Barcode Gateway began in 1999 when the distribution modules for the Solomon for Windows software became dynamic players in the Supply Chain software market.

Over the years Gulfstream Computer Services developed many customized applications for the distribution and manufacturing sectors. The Barcode Gateway was a great fit for our business. It was decided to go forward with a product that would use state of the art software and hardware options to offer an enhanced product to those same business environs.

Our knowledgeable, trained staff members can handle all programming, installation & training support and technical support for the Barcode Gateway. The Barcode Gateway, while being very robust, does require some set up but the implementation process is easy and intuitive. We are dedicated to providing support to our Dynamics SL Dealers and their end users.

We are very proud of our programming staff. They are innovative and usually go one step further than the specs require, thinking ‘outside the box’ is second nature. Research and development of our software and the hardware that it runs on is an on going integral part of our business. Request a quote on customization for both for the Gateway and other Solomon applications are welcome.

Review our retail software Price list below:

Current Retail Price List

We would like to hear from you. You can contact us if you would like more information about the Barcode Gateway software.