Maintenance and Support

The Barcode Gateway’s Maintenance & Support Plan offers valuable benefits at an affordable annual price. A Plan is required for the first year after purchase of the Barcode Gateway. We highly recommend that the client continue to renew the plan yearly so that all the benefits & new software features continue to be available to them.

Key Features and Benefits

Upgrades to new version releases are provided at no charge while you are on the plan. You will continue to be eligible to receive upgrades to the new version releases that become available for the Barcode Gateway if you continue to purchase and keep current with a yearly subscription.

Current version software updates will be periodically available throughout the term of your plan at no further charge. Your dealer can request any available updates when your plan is current.

We encourage the use of Email support to the MS partner or the end user with generally almost immediate turn around time for answers to your submitted questions or issues. Arrangements can be made for assistance with installations as necessary.

Gulfstream recommends that should the need arise for immediate support, your Microsoft Partner is the best equipped to answer your questions or if need be, they can contact our tech support services for assistance with any problems.

Gulfstream reserves the right to charge for re-tooling of customizations if required when an update or upgrade to the software has occurred.


The cost of the Maintenance and Support Plan is 25% of the original retail price of the Barcode Gateway. Original retail price is guarranteed if the support plan is renewed yearly.

We can be contacted at: or 1-877-377-6604.